The cost to hire a carpenter in London can vary greatly. Low price can sometimes be a warning sign for poor quality workmanship.

It’s important to ask the right questions, and have some idea about the factors that impact the quality and price of your project.

Skill and Experience

As with most consultants, the experience and skill of the carpentry team will have an impact on the cost and quality of finish.

While there are some “knock up” jobs all carpenters can perform, when it comes to finishing carpentry, it requires more skill to achieve a truly beautiful end product.

We’re all attracted by low price because we need to work within our budget. But you should also consider how a poor finish might impact the end product, and if the difference in cost is really worth taking the chance.

Always ask about the experience of the carpenters assigned to your project. Do they have the credentials and resources to finish your project on time and to the standard you want?


It should come as no surprise that materials account for a large portion of price. Nowadays solid wood is becoming increasingly expensive, and being replaced with composite materials with a wood veneer.

Wood is of course still available, yet unnecessary in some situations when ply wood can achieve a near equal quality finish.

As tradesmen and working with a lot of materials, we get to learn which material to use in each situation. And also, where to get the best discounts on raw materials. Talk to us about choosing the right materials for your project.

Supply and Demand

Some carpenters will increase or decrease their rates to match their current work demands. During periods of low availability, they might increase rates by 10-50%.

Try to book as early as possible. The best carpenters will require some advanced notice, and you’ll likely save a little on the price too.

Specialist Tools

Many carpenters will specialise in a just few areas. Large carpentry companies may have members of the team dedicated to particular jobs. And equip them with specialised tools to get the job done faster and to high standard of finish.

When hiring a carpenter, choose a company whose website is well represented for the type of work you need. The more information they have about a particular service, the more likely they carry out that job on a regular basis. Having the skills and specialist tools for the job.

Fair Pricing Policy

At London City Carpenters we operate a Fair Pricing Policy. When you contact us about your job, we give you a full written quotation. We’re always happy to answer your questions, and explain the key differences that impact the quality and finish of your project.

If you’re working on a budget, speak to us and we’ll explain the options to help you save on price without dramatically reducing the quality of your finish.