Internal and external door installation:

If You Want Your New Door To Fit With A Neat, Equal Margin… Without Gaps, Without Jamming, And Without Creating A Draft… Then You Need A Skilled Carpenter To Install It For You…

Most people think that installing a door is a handyman job. Not true.

In fact, fitting a door is a job for a skilled carpenter. Here’s why:

All new door comes with perfectly straight edges. But a door frame can become “cupped” or “bellied” making the edges uneven and bowed.

What is a “cupped” or “bellied” door frame?

A cupped edge is when the door frame bows outward making it wider in parts. And a bellied door frame is when it bows inward making it narrower in parts.

This can happen when the foundations of the building move (as all foundations do), causing the walls and door frames to move with them. The older the building, the more likely it is that the door frames will become cupped, bellied or both.

Why is this important?

When installing a door, our carpenters will start by measuring the width at various positions up and down the door frame. This allows them to find if and where the door frame is bowed. Then, they can carefully shape and plane the new door to fit perfectly into position.

Many handymen and even inexperienced carpenters do not shape the door properly. This can leave unequal margins around the door. And the door may need to be replaced in order to make it fit.

How much does it cost to fit a door?

That really depends on how much the new door needs to be shaped to fit the old door frame. Whether it’s an internal or external door. And whether you need us to fit locks and handles.

Our team of carpenters work on a half hourly or day rate. Our team are highly skilled and experienced carpenters, which means they can shape and fit a door quickly and to a high standard. And all our work is back by our 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not completely satisfied with our work we’ll come back and fit it for free.

For a quote please give us a call or fill out the form. We’re happy to discuss your job and give you an over the phone estimate.